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If you own a business and you’re not using social media as a marketing tool, there’s a good chance you could be missing out on effectively reaching your ideal customer. Why is this important? Because whether you sell goods or services, your success rests in large part on your customer’s willingness to purchase from you. And that ideal customer might not be right down the street – it could be someone three towns away who doesn’t even know your business exists!

That’s where social media comes in. One of the major benefits of social media is that we can connect with people and communities that we wouldn’t be able to regularly, based on location and other limitations. Social media is a tool for us to share our lives with our networks. For many of us, that includes sharing our experiences with products or services that we love.

In today’s Internet culture, many businesses have had great success with growing and establishing a customer based solely using social media. Here are a few reasons why.


All of the major social media platforms give you the opportunity to reach customers that might not be in your town, state or even country. For example, use hashtags to be found by potential customers in your niche or location. Facebook ads allow you to customize paid ads to your target audience based on similar businesses or interests. You can also leverage testimonials from current customers to establish social proof and more easily persuade potential new buyers. LinkedIn is a very effective marketing tool for B2B businesses and a great way to present your expertise in knowledge in your industry.


Social media makes the process of connecting with your potential customers easy, simple, and almost instantaneous. A simple search by hashtag, interest or even responding to comments from your customers takes away the guesswork of finding your target audience. Customer service issues can also be addressed more quickly using social media than relying on phone or email responses alone.


One of the biggest advantages that businesses have in today’s technological world is the ability to know what issues matter to their customers in a way that previous generations could only dream of. By engaging in ‘social listening’ – using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, you’re able to create a more accurate picture of who your ideal customer is. This sets your business up to be the solution to the problem that they’re looking to solve. The best part is that this marketing tip works for both product or service-based businesses. It all starts with knowing who your ideal customer is, and social media is an excellent tool to find that out.


Social media is an effective marketing tool to grow and sustain your business. However, it can also be difficult to know which platform to use, or even how to leverage it to meet your specific

needs. At Rose & Gold, we want to partner with your business, help you grow your business, and find customers that know and love you!

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